5" to 19" outdoor bows from King Size Bows

6 new plastic bows from King Size Bows

The leading display and gift bow provider, King Size Bows, Inc., is pleased to announce the introduction of six new bows for outdoor and indoor use. Individuals, merchandisers, toy stores and car dealers now can have weather-resistant, lightweight bows. The new offerings range in price from $3.99 each to $24.99 (plus applicable tax and shipping). Order by calling (714) 668-9688.

These new bows are perfect for: Gift boxes, doors, computers, musical instruments, baby and dog strollers, cribs, front doors, light poles, pillars, stanchions, fashion accessories, ornaments, gates, mail boxes, toys, retail displays, televisions, computers, bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars, wagons, floats and more!

  • The largest of the new series is maroon only, 19″wide by 40: long with tails. The 11-loop bow is available with or without tails ($24.99 and $21.99 respectively).
  • A 12″ version of the studio’s popular Signature Bows is 19″ long and available in red, green or blue with or without tails ($19.99 and $17.99 respectively).
  • The 12″ wide by 15″ long 4-loop stacked bow comes in red, green or blue, with or without tails ($14.99 and $12.99 respectively).
  • The 6″ wide by 6″ long 4-loop bow without tails is red, green or blue for $5.99.
  • The mini bow tie is 6-1/2″ wide ad 3-3/4″ long. The 2-loop bow comes in red, green or blue for $5.99
  • 5″ 5-loop small bow without tails is $3.99.

King Size Bows, Inc. — the Lexus “December to Remember” bow makers — make every day one to celebrate with new bows, new sizes and new fun ways revelers within all budgets can brighten their gifts and events all year around.

The bow business is a unique one, and one would be hard-pressed to find someone who knows it better than King Size Bows. For nearly two decades, the California-based business has been spreading joy daily with their American-made creations. Sizes range from two to 19 loops and 4 inches to 20 feet in size, while prices can be $9.99 to hundreds of dollars.

The company’s in-stock and custom bows can dress up anything from toys, beverages, jewelry and gift cards, to homes, cars, floats, appliances and tablets, to tractors, boats and bridges.

“Our clients go way beyond bows on the tree, mantle and front door one time a year,” said Amber Kingaard Hughes, president of King Size Bows. “They’re truly ‘bowdacious.’”

Top 10 things to do with a bow this year:

  1. If you like it, put a bow on it. Romantics planning to pop the question can do it with pizzazz. Rings and other small jewelry boxes can be featured prominently or secretly tucked away in a special red or pink bow designed for the special occasion.
  2. Transform customary events. King Size Bows’ exclusive bow tie was inspired by a Hollywood producer who wanted black bow tie decorations for a birthday extravaganza. The classic design can be used to add a masculine or formal feel at New Year’s parties, fundraising events, homecoming and prom.
  3. Wrap up business – or a business. Realtors use the lustrous bows to surprise clients at close of escrow. Businesses can celebrate a grand opening or create an inviting workplace with seasonal bows on doors, windows, displays, signage and reception desks. College advancement departments acknowledge alumni gifts with a big bow.
  4. Add a touch of elegance. Brides and grooms can dress up their wedding with classic bows for the pews, bridal party gifts, bouquets and fun props at the photo booth.
  5. Solve the hard-to-wrap problem. Parents who give bicycles, scooters, skateboards and motorized toddler vehicles to their kids this holiday can skip the wrapping paper by simply adding a fun bow instead. When the holidays are over, the bows can be disassembled and packed away for the future.
  6. Honor life. A newborn can be nestled in the center of a custom creation as the new arrival poses for his or her announcement photo. Subtle bows can dignify anniversary party and memorial displays.
  7. Encourage smiles. Mini bows can be used as props for holiday card photos or be worn to adorn an ugly Christmas sweater. A favorite for pet pictures and selfies, imaginative bows are also seen at Halloween and in Fourth of July parades on bicycles and wagons.
  8. Display cheerful symbols. Hospitals, libraries, schools and community centers use King Size Bows to spread holiday spirit throughout lobbies, rooms and hallways. The durable décor can be used many times.
  9. Show you care. “Welcome Home” is a gladly received greeting for a new home owner, military member or a student from college. Whether returning from a business trip, service abroad or the hospital, young and old recipients alike appreciate the universal gesture of well-wishing.
  10. Celebrate every day. For Blue Star Families, cancer survivors and warriors for various causes, each day is savored. Awareness loops are specially created for businesses, community groups, government and individuals to show their support or draw attention to issues. The newest additions to King Size Bows’ offerings include a Patriot line in red/white/blue, military colors and camouflage for all service branches, Thin Blue Line for law enforcement, and Blue Ribbon school awards.

“The possibilities are as endless as the imagination,” Kingaard Hughes said. “Our design team enjoys working with clients to add a special wow to their experience, product or business. If it’s a bow, we can make it in practically any color and a variety of materials.”

In addition to the car dealership displays, ribbon cuttings and television commercials, King Size Bows’ bows have been featured in the 2015 Consumer Reports Gift Guide, Ellen DeGeneres’ “Biggest Giveaway Ever,” and “The Price is Right” baby shower show. Their large red bows will also be featured on the holiday finale of a leading series (no spoilers

King Size Bows, Inc. is a woman-owned and run, made-in-America business. The 15-year-old design studio creates custom and in-stock bows for individuals, auto manufacturers and dealerships, theme parks, TV and movie prop houses, retailers and malls, developers and realtors, as well as health care providers and support groups, the military, law enforcement and educational institutions


Tune into “America’s Got Talent” 11th Holiday Spectacular on December 19, 2016, featuring 11 year old Grace Vanderwaal. King Size Bows bedazzled Hollywood’s Dolbe Theatre for the special event. Congratulations to this exceptionally talented singer/songwriter. She stole our hearts and she will touch yours, too. 

Commuters on the 405 Freeway honk and wave at the sight of 6 huge blue bows atop new cars in front Hyundai’s Southern California celebrating the holiday season. Ho ho ho!hyundai

8/2/2016 Stand Together

8/2/2016 Stand Together


Fight Crime Together

Fight Crime Together

COSTA MESA, CA (July 25, 2016). Communities throughout America will be locking their doors, turning on outside lights, and spending the evening out with neighbors and police on Tuesday, August 2, 2016. Since 1984, the goal of the annual National Night Out event is to strengthen relationships in neighborhoods, raise crime prevention awareness, emergency preparedness, child safety, and deepen relationships with law enforcement and safety personnel. Each August (October in Texas) 15,000 communities from all 50 states, U.S.A. territories, Canadian cities and military bases around the world get involved in this unique crime/drug prevention event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch. Over 37 million people participate in America’s Night Out Against Crime.

Communities from coast to coast will enjoy demonstrations from SWAT, K9, CSI, Police, Sheriff and other departments, food from local restaurants, games, giveaways, face paintings, crafts, display vehicles, parades, music and more. The get-togethers promote police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make all people safer and neighborhoods better places to live.

The tragedies this year make this occasion an important opportunity for Americans to demonstrate that violence will not be tolerated and that knowledge is power. The act of communities coming together represents the kind of spirit, energy and determination to help make neighborhoods safer places year round. Getting to know one another as individuals—rather than as a faceless member of a group or class—makes it easier to understand the other person’s concerns and implement changes where necessary for everyone’s safety and well-being.

“When police and military personnel in Chattanooga, Orlando, Baton Rouge and Dallas expressed their gratitude to us for the red, white and blue patriot ribbons we sent to honor the fallen men and women, we wanted to do more for those who serve and protect,” said Amber Hughes president of Costa Mesa-based King Size Bows, Inc. “So, our designers created the Thin Blue Line Ribbon for families, friends, and groups to show their support for law enforcement and the difficult job they do. We don’t have to wait for a crisis to speak up. We can show our appreciation all year by displaying a ribbon at work, home and in our towns.”

Across the nation, individuals, groups and businesses are showing their support for the difficult work of law enforcement. People are sending baked goods, gift certificates and heartfelt notes; holding up signs and organizing prayer vigils; setting up funds for the families of the deceased and recovering victims of violence. There is much sincere individuals can do.

Contact your city or law enforcement agency to find out where and when your local Night Out is being held and participate. Together, we can make a difference.


Contact: Matt Peskin, National Association of Town Watch; (800) 648-3688, (610) 649-7055; info@natw.org; www.nationalnightout.org

Contact: Jan Kingaard, King Size Bows, Inc., 714-668-9688; info@kingsizebows.com; www.kingsizebows.com


Graduation Day is a day to celebrate with family, friends and classmates. It is the start of new beginnings. What better way to commemorate a big achievement than a big, King Size Bow? Top off any size gift with a Signature In-Stock bow, available in 7 color combinations t0 accentuate any cap and gown or party décor. We ship by FedEx Monday through Friday, so order now: 714.668.9688

The 2016 theme is “Communication Takes Care.”

Are you concerned that your kids spend too much time on tablets, smartphones, or other devices? Do you have fewer conversations with your kids than you’d like because of technology distractions? Do you find yourself constantly asking your kids to lower the volume on devices because you can hear the music blaring through their earbuds or headphones?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a typical parent in the digital age. These are struggles for most of us as technology increasingly becomes central to our lives and our children’s lives.

During May, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) celebrates Better Hearing & Speech Month.

Kids today are using devices for hours every day—time that once was reserved for talking and reading, interactive and imaginative play, outdoor experiences, and other activities. Yet, the primary way young children develop their speech and language abilities is through verbal exchange—talking and reading with parents. This is a precursor for their own reading abilities and overall academic success. Children also learn from hands-on experiences. Educational apps can play a part, but they are in no way a replacement for what is learned through person-to-person communication. As we head into the summer months, when children no doubt will have more time to use devices, consider carving out some device-free time each day. You may be surprised by how little they (and you) miss it!

Another pressing issue related to technology use is hearing damage. Unfortunately, there has been a significant spike in hearing loss in young people in recent years. This coincides with the rise in popularity of mp3 players, tablets, and other devices. Even mild hearing loss can lead to reduced academic achievement (particularly in reading and math), poor self-concept, and feelings of social isolation, among other consequences—so, encourage your kids to keep the volume on their devices to half level and to take listening breaks. Hearing loss due to unsafe listening habits can be prevented, but once it occurs, it is irreversible. Teach (and model yourself) these good habits early. Display a gold or silver awareness loop at your school, business, town or home to promote healthy hearing and speech habits.

BHSM-Poster May Better Hearing Month