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Giant decorations for new-car gifts

Have you ever seen any gift as exciting as a brand new car sitting in someone’s driveway with a on it?

What a thrill to receive a new car all dressed up with one of these magnificent decorative treatments. Imagine giving your wife or a child a big gift wrapped in a big bow. Talk about sending the right package. It’s a great way to say, “I love you, ” at this most festive of seasons.

These elegant and stunning car bows put a unique and stylish twist on the idea of bigger and better gift wrapping. But where do they come from? From King Size Bows, headquartered in Newport Beach, California, that’s where.

Started four years ago by Lynda King and Kendra King Jacoby, the company manufacturers and sells their large decorative bows to car dealerships and individuals throughout North America.

King said it was an idea she had tucked in the back of her mind. Several years ago, she was searching for a big, red bow after she and her husband bought a car for their daughter for Christmas. “I was in R&D for nine months,” she said.

King knew she was on to something when she called up car dealers and asked them: If she bought a car where could she get a big, red bow? Nine out of 10 had no idea, she said.

From there, King started the business with a flyer sent to 2,000 dealerships. She got 70 as customers. The rest have come by word of mouth. Since then, thousands of her bows have been shipped to the U.S., Canada and Europe.

As well as auto dealerships, King Size Bows can count General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo among its corporate customers. The company even provided bows to the Pontiac G6 Dream Give Away program that hit the headlines on the Oprah Winfrey TV show a couple of years ago.

Though they come in four colours, red bows are the biggest sellers. The bows are 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches high, with 12-inch long streamers.

While they make the joy of this season’s celebrations linger a little longer, the bows make a perfect and unique complement to any gift, whether it be an airplane, boat, snowmobile, major appliance or even a new home itself.

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