Christmas may be over 100 days away, but December’s not the only season or reason for putting a bow on “it.”

Whether watching television, driving through town, or shopping at a mall, you may have wondered who made those elegant big bows:
• PF Chang’s restaurants during Breast Cancer Awareness Month
• The horse on the California Lotto Commercial
• Billboard for Kansas City Steak Company
• America’s Got Talent Holiday Special
• Hyundai Corporate Office Holiday Fleet Display
• Real Estate Door Bows
• Lexus, Ford, Mercedes, Range Rover, BMW, Cadillac and other auto dealerships throughout the US and Canada
If you see a really big bow on a building, game show, or car, it’s not a bad guess that it came from King Size Bows in Southern California.  “We’ve sold bows for motorcycles, boats, toy cars, washing machines and parade floats,” said Amber Hughes, president of King Size Bows, Inc. “Our motto is ‘Celebrate Ever Day.’ Bows symbolize joy, generosity and importance, so they are used on gifts large and small year around.”
When is a bow not just a bow? When it is a Halloween costume, part of a surprise marriage proposal wrapping up the groom, bow tie on a truck for prom, or baby announcement on a stork. You may have seen their giant bows on packages at New York’s Rockefeller Center, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, or Ellen DeGeneres’ big giveaway with Home Depot. Often the focal point of a product unveiling or ribbon cutting, a beautifully formed bow leaves a lasting impression.
“Our bows make people smile with delight,” Hughes said. “All our creations are Made in America in our Costa Mesa studio in Orange County. We source and manufacture locally.”

We make bows from 6 inches on up for indoor and outdoor use. Using a variety of materials and a lot of care and creativity, King Size Bows is one of the only bespoke studios in the US for the bow market, which serves individuals, companies, malls, organizations, the military, law enforcement, causes and special events.
The custom bows can cost anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars depending on the number of loops, overall size, and materials. The biggest bows made to date are a 20-foot-tall bow and building wrap for a hospital opening and an 18-foot-tall AIDS awareness loop for Paramount movie studio.
“We are probably best known for our specially-designed red bows for the Lexus ‘December to Remember’ commercials,” Hughes said. “We also promote awareness of many causes through our special products for law enforcement and military appreciation, breast cancer and other medical conditions, as well as the fight to stop many social challenges. Our customers tell us what they want and we deliver around the world.”