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Support such groups as the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network who work for improving survival from pancreatic cancer by 2020.
Together, we can bring greater focus on the disease across the country, and rewrite the future of pancreatic cancer through:
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  • Increased funding for patient services for people battling pancreatic cancer
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  • Doctors delivering best practices
  • Better detection tools and treatment options for patients
  • Year-round government advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill to ensure federal research funding as a national priority
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We were thrilled about our recent article in the Orange County Register print and web editions on July 29, 2010.  Below is the article and a link to the Orange County Register Website.

Remember that Christmas car TV commercial with the gigantic red bow on top of a white Lexus? Some one had to make that bow. That someone is Lynda King, founder with Kendra Jacoby of King Size Bows in Newport Beach.

Lexus December to Remember car with large red bow

The Giant Red Car Bow that made us famous! The Lexus Holiday Car Bow

If you see a really big bow on a building, a car or a commercial display, it’s not a bad guess that it came from King Size Bows. Among the company’s assignments:


  • TV hostess Oprah gave away 276 cars, each with a King Size Bow on it
  • The Empire State Building
  • Gigantic packages displayed at Rockefeller Center in New York
  • Many Ford, Lincoln Mercury and Mitsubishi dealerships nationwide
  • Sharper Image interior decorations

“We’ve sold bows for horses, for tractors, for houses,” King said. “Bows are a happy visual. They don’t have a religious connotation.”

Among the more unusual requests: A young man ordered a purple bow for a man-sized box he used in his marriage proposal to his girlfriend. Or the drag queen who wanted to wrap himself up to give to his boyfriend.

“We sell internationally but mostly in the U.S,” she said. ” The standard bows are made in Los Angeles and sent to us partly assembled. The custom ones are made in our Costa Mesa warehouse.”

The standard bows the company keeps in stock sell for $49 to $125. The custom bows can cost thousands of dollars and come in any style or size. The most expensive King has made was a 20-foot-tall bow and building wrap for a hospital opening that cost $5,300.

There are some other big bow manufacturers and each has different styles, some poofy, others — like King Size Bows — are sleek and tailored. The custom orders are whatever the customer requests, King said. “We’re not necessarily the cheapest but we emphasize quality control.”

It all started nine years ago when King and her husband wanted to give their daughter a white Volkswagen convertible.

“I needed the biggest bow and I couldn’t find one anywhere,” King recalled. “I called car dealerships and described what I wanted and they said, ‘I wish we had them; we get requests like that all the time.'”

That’s the type of hint King always keeps her entrepreneurial antenna turned for. “Most people hear opportunities all the time; I really listen for them,” she said.

She previously owned a jewelry line called the King Collection that she sold to the Home Shopping Network. For the bow venture, she said it was natural to call on Jacoby, her friend of more than 25 years, to partner with her.

They started by having a booth at a national auto dealers’ convention. Once they got into one dealership for a brand, word spread and they got into others throughout the network. Then they got a call from the Sharper Image to decorate all its stores. Oprah’s assistants found the company by Google adwords.

Typically the pair do all the work, but they bring on as many as 40 temporary workers in September and October for the Christmas rush.