COSTA MESA, CA, February 5, 2016 — February has many occasions to celebrate: Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, National Wear Red Day, and World Cancer day, to name a few.
grand-opening-bow-je-dunnYou’ve seen the game show giveaways, Lexus December to Remember commercial and car showrooms decked out with colorful king size bows. So, where do those big bows and cause awareness loops come from? The Costa Mesa, California studio of King Size Bows, Inc.

Founded in 2001, the family-owned and operated studio offers American Made custom and Signature Bows from two feet to king size. Thousands of individuals, car dealerships, shopping centers, set designers, retailers, theme parks and cities use their bows to add that wow factor and create memorable experiences.

“Once you put a bow on it, it’s a present,” said President Amber Kingaard-Hughes. “Customers put bows on everything from buildings to jets to tricycles, parade floats and washing machines. Some even wear them as costumes.”

health-awareness-loop-camouflageThe company has added new lines for the military, event centerpieces, office décor and causes. The creative team uses a variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes to deliver just the right structure and style for indoor or outdoor use. Whether a large public opening, ribbon-cutting, official memorial, or an intimate birthday or anniversary, King Size Bows offers top quality products in a timely manner.

February 14 is right around the corner, so sweethearts of all ages are eagerly calling for a beautiful red bow. And soon it will be St. Patrick’s Day, American Diabetes Alert Day, and National Youth Violence Prevention Week. It seems that whatever you’re passionate about or want to celebrate there’s a bow in your future. That’s how this small business does big business with a king-size impact.

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King Size Bows created a custom bow for Texas Christian University (TCU) to generate awareness for National Philanthropy Day. It was TCU’s first time participating, and they wanted to give recognition to their donors by giving them large bows. King Size Bows was honored to be part of this effort. TCU National Philanthropy Day

TCU’s colors are purple and white, so we crafted beautiful royal purple 3-foot wide bows for this special occasion. The bows will hang on the school’s academic buildings starting on November 14, 2013. Similarly, we crafted smaller 16-inch bows to adorn the student dormitory buildings

The bows are a symbolic way to recognize the importance of donors to the university, and in particular, the $29 million that donors have contributed to academic scholarships in the last year. The generosity of these donors has had a significant impact as nearly 80% of the student body benefits from financial aid programs. In addition, these large bows help promote philanthropic involvement to the student body as a whole.

Our custom bow creations come in a variety of colors that can be catered to the specific needs of charity events, awareness events and cause events. A few of our recent custom bow creations include a bow that adorned the 75th anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge, oversized breast cancer ribbons that were used in a variety of awareness events during November, Oprah’s car giveaway, the Lexus December to Remember commercials, and now for TCU to commemorate National Philanthropy Day. These are just a few ways King Size Bows can be used to generate attention and awareness for any cause, event, or ceremony.

Kings Size Bows are hand-crafted in the USA and made of durable materials that are of the highest quality. We manufacture our large-sized bows for both indoor and outdoor use. We have a passion for our product, and we take pride in the construction and appearance of our bows. Be sure to use a King Size Bow to generate a new level of interest and excitement for your cause or event.

COSTA MESA, CA, August 1, 2013 – Big things are happening at King Size Bows. This month, King Size Bows will unveil its newest creation — The Chevy Bowtie Bow in a prototype stage. This innovative new indoor/outdoor bow is inspired by the classic Chevrolet Bowtie logo. This custom bow is crafted from durable styrene and can withstand a variety of outdoor environmental factors. The Chevy Bowtie Bow comes fully assembled, making it perfect to display on any Chevrolet vehicle, attaching easily to a variety of surfaces through a suction cup on the back.

Chevy Bowtie Bow

Chevy Bowtie Bow

“We were asked by several automotive dealerships to create a bow that could be used all year round, to enhance the presentation of each car being sold,” said Lynda King, owner of King Size Bows. “This new bow for Chevrolet is a representation of the creativity and custom design work of our company. We can create the perfect bow for any brand, product or event, giving each and every presentation that finishing touch.”

King Size Bows, known for creating unique, custom bows, began by creating its famous car bows over 12 years ago. The bows are used not only to complement new car gifts, but are also great for buildings, grand openings, storefronts and more. The Chevy Bowtie Bow is the first design to be inspired by a specific automotive brand.

“Car dealers have found that when they complete a sale with a King Size Bow, it becomes a gift to remember, resulting in a fully satisfied customer,” Said King. “For those car buyers who give – and for those who receive – a new car with a King Size Bow, the present will create a shared and lasting memory.”

King Size Bows is set to introduce several more new bows in the upcoming months that will bring heightened excitement to car purchases, shopping malls, and grand openings. During the holiday season, King Size Bows’ beautiful creations can be seen on street corners, store windows, vehicles and more. The company’s Monarch Bow has been their bestselling holiday bow for years, and in preparation for this holiday season, the bright red Monarch will be offered in elegant red velvet and a stunning white satin.

About King Size Bows:
King Size Bows offers a variety of high-quality bows and health awareness loops that are designed and manufactured in the United States. The company produces thousands of custom projects yearly. Additionally, King Size Bows creates custom displays for advertising companies, auto manufacturers and dealerships, TV and movie prop houses, and shopping malls. For more information about King Size Bows, please visit and Face book.

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Car dealer holiday display - our giant red car bow!

King Size Bows Chosen to Gift Wrap Cars

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Car bows by King Size Bows are used by major automobile manufacturers and dealers nationwide to gift-wrap cars. General Motors used these beautiful giant car bows when the Oprah Winfrey Pontiac G6 cars were delivered. They have also been used in numerous television shows, movies, and print ads.

King Size Bows are a beautiful and elegant showroom decoration and are used by dealers to get customers excited about purchasing a car. King Size car bows are offered when customers want to make a special presentation of a car for a holiday present, birthday gift, graduation or anniversary. This is an extremely cost effective way to gift wrap a car and ensures customer loyalty for car dealers.

“King Size Bows really added an extra touch of class and excitement to our holiday sales event and media campaign. Our showroom floor looked great and we think it helped create more sales.” Mike Lake, Marketing Director, Crevier BMW. (

The elegant and stunning King Size Bows ( are car bows that complement any new car gift. Whether it’s for a Lexus or a Lincoln, a Volvo or a Volkswagen, a Bentley or a BMW, a Mercedes or a Mazda, King Size Bows are the perfect way to wrap up really big gifts.

Car dealers have found that when they add a King Size car bow to any car sale it becomes a holiday gift to remember. Car dealers collectively agree that adding a giant car bow is the perfect way to create satisfied customers. For those car buyers who give – and for those who receive – a new car with a King Size Bow, the present will create a shared and lasting memory.

Says one satisfied customer: “I picked up the bow for a car gift last week. My wife enjoyed the big red bow (and the note I left on the card) as much as the new car. Tears, tears and more tears … you were right!”

Since King Size Bows introduced its first bow in 2001, thousands of car bows have been shipped throughout the U.S. and Europe.