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Windsor Large Outdoor Bow

Large Outdoor Bow

Windsor Bows add Elegance to any Outdoor Event, Large Gift or Building Exterior!

You can always count on King Size Bows to create unique bows that can't be found anywhere else out on the market. The Windsor Bow is distinct in every way. From the bows exclusive design and material, to its eye catching signature red and white colors.

King Size Bows embraces the challenge of designing new bows to meet the many requests and needs that people have. This durable outdoor bow is no exception. The Windsor Bow will draw attention anywhere it's placed, whether it's on the exterior of a home, at a fundraiser or adding elegance to a large gift. It's crafted with durable UV coated vinyl which makes it ideal for even extended outdoor use because it can withstand a number of environmental factors. At 36 inches tall and 33 inches wide, this bow is certain to draw the attention of anyone passing by it.

In addition, the Windsor Bow is the perfect accessory to any large gift such as big screen TV's, cars or playground equipment. It easily and conveniently attaches to a variety of surfaces through a suction cup located on the back. Continuing with the tradition of making custom made bows to suit the needs of our clients, the Windsor Bow can also be ordered in customized colors and logos with a minimum purchase. They come fully assembled and ready for use at $39.99. Make a bold statement with a Windsor Bow today!

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