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Car dealer holiday display - our giant red car bow!

King Size Bows Chosen to Gift Wrap Cars

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Car bows by King Size Bows are used by major automobile manufacturers and dealers nationwide to gift-wrap cars. General Motors used these beautiful giant car bows when the Oprah Winfrey Pontiac G6 cars were delivered. They have also been used in numerous television shows, movies, and print ads.

King Size Bows are a beautiful and elegant showroom decoration and are used by dealers to get customers excited about purchasing a car. King Size car bows are offered when customers want to make a special presentation of a car for a holiday present, birthday gift, graduation or anniversary. This is an extremely cost effective way to gift wrap a car and ensures customer loyalty for car dealers.

“King Size Bows really added an extra touch of class and excitement to our holiday sales event and media campaign. Our showroom floor looked great and we think it helped create more sales.” Mike Lake, Marketing Director, Crevier BMW. (

The elegant and stunning King Size Bows ( are car bows that complement any new car gift. Whether it’s for a Lexus or a Lincoln, a Volvo or a Volkswagen, a Bentley or a BMW, a Mercedes or a Mazda, King Size Bows are the perfect way to wrap up really big gifts.

Car dealers have found that when they add a King Size car bow to any car sale it becomes a holiday gift to remember. Car dealers collectively agree that adding a giant car bow is the perfect way to create satisfied customers. For those car buyers who give – and for those who receive – a new car with a King Size Bow, the present will create a shared and lasting memory.

Says one satisfied customer: “I picked up the bow for a car gift last week. My wife enjoyed the big red bow (and the note I left on the card) as much as the new car. Tears, tears and more tears … you were right!”

Since King Size Bows introduced its first bow in 2001, thousands of car bows have been shipped throughout the U.S. and Europe.