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Large Breast Cancer Ribbons

Big Breast Cancer Ribbons - 4 sizes
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Celebrate the fighter in your life! Show your support for the fight against Breast Cancer with our Large Size Breast Cancer Ribbon.

For over two decades, the signature pink ribbon has officially been adopted as the symbol for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and serves to bring attention and highlight the struggle that so many women face today. The pink breast cancer ribbon has now come to symbolize strength and has helped to inspire many to continue in the fight against Breast Cancer. As a big supporter of raising awareness of the disease, King Size Bows has created a version of the ribbon as only we could! The Large Size Breast Cancer Ribbon is made with a luxurious looking, yet durable, outdoor UV coated nylon fabric. It looks soft on the outside, yet tough on the inside. This probably sounds familiar if you know a cancer fighter!

Regardless of whether it’s your mother, daughter, or sister fighting, this special ribbon can help show your moral support and serve as a reminder that they are not alone. The Oversized Breast Cancer Ribbon is designed to be showcased proudly on the outside of a home, or as decorative accents in Breast Cancer awareness events, as many of our ribbons have already done. It can be affixed to almost any surface with either a magnet, an easy-to-attach wire loop, or through a suction cup.

The loop is made of durable outdoor UV coated nylon fabric on a stiff substrate. It is 27" tall and 13" wide. It's designed to easily affix to a variety of surfaces, which makes it ideal for the exterior of a building or use at fundraising events. The versatile design allows the ribbon to be hung from the top or affixed with a magnet or suction cup that can attach to the back. These do not come standard with the loops. Please let our team know if you are needing either of these when you place your order.

These Oversized Breast Cancer ribbons are a part of a collection of ribbons from King Size Bows that help bring awareness for a variety of diseases and illnesses. These ribbons can be customized to almost any size and color imaginable. Call King Size Bows today, and see what ribbons we can create for your cause!