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Custom Bow at LA Goverment Event
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Bows have begun to transcend a long standing tradition of being accents in making a gift more memorable. And while we never want this to change, as the bow fanatics we are here at King Size Bows, we are also firm believers that they can enhance almost any occasion and don’t need to be reserved only for gift giving. Custom bows are becoming increasingly used in nontraditional ways and there doesn’t seem to be many limitations in sight. Whether it’s as decorations in special events, visual merchandising or giving grand openings that “official” touch, bows are breaking out of their conventional role! We get excited seeing all the unique and thoughtful ways people are using them.

We have a long list of happy clients who have had a custom bow designed to their specifications depending on their needs. From wedding proposals to props on reality television, we have had extraordinary requests and delivered results in creating special moments, wrapped beautifully in a custom bow! We have worked with many companies that produce grand openings, city events and charity events where tailored bows of almost any size and color have been custom designed for them. We welcome the challenge of constructing unique and attractive bows for any occasion.

We have created custom bows small enough for a computer screen and bows big enough to wrap an entire building. In our efforts to accommodate new requests, we are constantly crafting new designs and experimenting with different materials and dimensions. Through the thousands of unique requests we have received we’ve customized bows that range from Eco Friendly, Fire Retardant, Outdoor and Long Term Use. The list is in a constant state of change and growth, as we team with more and more clients in their pursuit of a one of a kind custom bow.

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