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Make your special event one to remember, especially with one of our Grand Opening Bows!

Yes! Grand Openings are that unique event companies and organizations use to announce their presence to the world! What else can mark the official opening of a business, private association or public office quite like seeing an elongated, regal bow stretching the length of the door or building itself for presentation? It’s an instant attention getter. People cannot walk by without being curious as to what makes the occasion so special that it warrants such a large bow. No bows can draw the attention of a crowd quite like King Size Bows.

Our grand opening bows have adorned many buildings for these occasions whether it’s a mall or restaurant or new office. The best part: our grand opening bows are available in any size, any color. King Size Bows can work with your vision to create a special moment for all those involved with your project by creating the perfect bow for your grand opening. If there’s a bow we already offer that you prefer, it’s even more convenient as we stock many of these and can have them ready for you in a short amount of time.

Whether you need to simply have the bow placed as the centerpiece of your grand opening or you’re going with the long-time tradition of the “ribbon cutting”, we have a grand opening bow that is perfect for your occasion. Call us today and let us know what we can do to make your grand opening even more memorable!