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Outdoor Building Bow at Bank of America Promo Event
Outdoor Building Bow at Bank of America Promo Event - Thumb Outdoor Bow on Shane Company Building - Thumb Outdoor Bow On large building - Thumb Ourdoor Bows On Houses - Thumb Ourdoor Bows On Houses with Ribbon Wrap- Thumb

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Outdoor Bows for Buildings, Houses, Events and More!

King Size Bows proudly offers outdoor bows for bulidings to enhance any special event or occasion. These bows can be used for grand openings on the exterior of buildings, at weddings, special events, as holiday decorations and much more. If it’s outdoors and it needs something beautiful and regal to enhance its appearance, we have a bow for it!

People get that warm fuzzy feeling when they see the big red bows wrapping the streetlights of a downtown area or mall. It’s the first indication that the holidays are around the corner, apart from the sound of holiday music on the radio. We have an extensive list of clients who use our outdoor bows to make decorative statements on their building. And nothing makes an event more official than seeing a big outdoor bow somewhere in the presentation, whether it’s wrapping the building or as an ornamental feature. We just hope these gorgeous outdoor bows don’t overshadow the event itself!

It’s no wonder our outdoor bows for buildings have been a long time favorite of car dealerships who use them on their lots to decorate their new models. It’s a great way to catch the eyes of potential buyers and to highlight promotions that they want to stand out from the rest of the vehicles.

These outdoor bows are made of strong materials such as denier ballistic nylon so they can withstand a variety of weather conditions and be re-used again and again. Our bows are intended to be robust and sturdy, so you can rest assure it’ll look as attractive as it did the first time you put it out. We specialize in bows intended for long term use that can withstand environmental factors. These outdoor bows are designed to be long lasting and easy to assemble. Call King Size Bows today and see if one of our bows can make your outdoor setting even more pleasant to look at than before!