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Red Bow on Ketel One Visual Merchandising Display
Ketel One Visual Merchandising Display - Thumb Red Bows on Wall at Sharper Image Store - Thumb Large Bows on Washers - Thumb Bows Shoes - Thumb

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Get More Attention with Our King Size Bows on Your Visual Merchandising Displays!

While the use of bows in visual merchandising is not a new concept, King Size Bows can help elevate your display to the next level. Our bows can enhance any window display, visual merchandising or promotional event by giving the merchandiser the ability to design their own bow, or choose from a wide variety of our in stock bows. This versatility allows these merchandisers to choose a bow that perfectly enhances their visual design without having to compromise on the appearance. Whether you need the bow to be vibrantly eye-catching or demure and sophisticated, our visual merchandising bows can help motivate your customers to buy.

Our bows come in a variety of colors and sizes making it easy to create specific and tailored merchandising displays based on the look and feel of your products. Whether you’re at a retail space, promotional event or a trade show, your eyes are drawn to the areas where a visual merchandising display was designed to grab your attention. We like knowing we’ve made someone’s shopping experience even more enjoyable!

We have a lengthy list of clients who have successfully used our bows to highlight or recommend certain products as well as simply make their space look extremely professional. We’ve made bows small enough for an electronic retailer to put individually on each of their computers on display. In contrast we have also made many visual merchandising bows that are big enough to wrap a building or large car. Whenever we think we’ve done it all with our visual merchandising bows, we get a request that shows us there are people out there using them very creatively! We are thrilled to be able to work alongside these visual merchandisers in creating beautiful spaces where people enjoy being! Call King Size Bows and see how our bows can make your visual merchandising a success!